Scottish producer Will Atkinson announced the release of a debut artist album titled, Last King of Scotland, which is currently available to stream/download here.

The 17-track highly anticipated debut LP is threaded by Atkinson’s inspirations, nods cues, and connotations. At its core, though the album is a product of Scotland and its clubbing and electronic music history, references to which are both large and subtle throughout.

This record has been a labor of love. I’ve been working on it for two years, but it feels like a lifetime. It has given me some of the greatest creative highs I have ever experienced in the studio but also it has presented me with periods of frustration so infuriating I could have put an ax through my computer.

– Will Atkinson

In response to whether the album is a trance album or not, Atkinson says,

“Well – there’s certainly a healthy dose of it – but there are other styles, other influences, other moods, melodies and emotional experiences for you to immerse yourself in too. I love so many different styles of music that it would be an insult not to draw influences from beyond the boundaries of trance.”

Hailing from Scotland, Will Atkinson is a genre-defying DJ and producer whose talent has reached fans all over the world.  He has an extensive catalog of hit releases that include the popular tracks, “Pat Butcher,” “Victims,” “Numb The Pain,” “Subconscious,” “Mesmerize” (ft Rowetta from The Happy Mondays), “The Gamer Changer,” and “Fresh Meat” and span an array of labels including Subculture, Kearnage, FSOE, Spinnin’, Armada, Perfecto Fluoro, and Vandit.   He can be seen performing on the stages of some of the biggest festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Dreamstate, Beyond Wonderland, and Creamfields.

The Last King of Scotland:

  1. Perplexer – Acid Folk (Will Atkinson Last King Of Scotland Remix)
  2. Cigarettes & Kerosene (with Cari Golden)
  3. If I Spoke Your Language (with Gary Go)
  4. Last Night In Ibiza      
  5. Drowning In Dunes Of Time
  6. Beans
  7. Awakening (with Paul van Dyk) (Will Atkinson Album Mix)
  8. Burning Out (with Harry Roke)
  9. Telescope Interlude
  10. Telescope        
  11. Rush
  12. Kismet Energy
  13. Happy Hours (DC Breaks Remix)    
  14. Long Way Home (with JES)
  15. Pipe Dreams
  16. Unspoken Words (with Rory O’B featuring Rhianna McMahon) 
  17. In Solace