Dance music artist AVAION is securing his position at the forefront of the dance music industry.  With impeccable work ethic, his music has landed in the Top 50 Apple Music Charts in eight countries while garnering several Spotify Top 100 lists.  The artist has accumulated over 8.1 million music streams and 3.5 million YouTube views while his “Jam Sessions” on social media showcase his innovative approach to making music.

Most recently, the artist layed down his trademark sound with the Protocol Recordings release, “Love Again,” which is currently available to stream/download.  Burning with sentiment and emotion, AVAION’s “Love Again” is an introspective single heightening the artist’s studio mastery, which he describes as a “pure form of my musical character.”

AVAION – Love Again

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with AVAION in an exclusive interview to find out more about the inspiration behind the single, what his creative process is like in the studio, and what his plans are for the future.  Find out all about AVAION below.

AVAION in an exclusive interview

You have a recent single out now, titled, “Love Again.” What was your inspiration behind creating the track?  What message are you trying to deliver with it?

“Love Again” is about dealing with bad experiences of relationships from the past and falling in love again. It’s about realizing that a bad experience with one person doesn’t mean it will be the same with a new love. The inspiration for the song comes from a story in my life.

If you had to describe “Love Again” in one word, what would it be and why?


What is your creative process like in the studio?

I make myself a chamomile tea, sit down in the studio and try to inspire myself with melodies either with the guitar or with synthesizers. There are such and such days. Sometimes, I’m totally in the zone and everything runs super smoothly. Sometimes I get distracted too quickly or lose interest in the song I’ve started. This results in countless unfinished songs, but that is okay. You don’t have to force yourself and do it when you’re really in the mood and flow for it. But, of course, you need a healthy discipline.

What made you want to post your “Jam Sessions” to fans?

I liked the idea of showing the creative process of making a song. So I tried it out and it was very well received.

You are a multi-instrumentalist.  What is your favourite instrument to play? What instrument are you best at?

My favorite of them is the guitar. I really enjoy the sound of good smooth guitar melodies, but I’m better at playing the piano. 

Which release in your career are you most proud of and why?

Of course it is “Pieces!”  I always dreamed of getting a platinum record for one of my songs and “Pieces” made that dream come true 

Who have been your inspirations to become a DJ and producer?

Even as a child, I always wanted to make whole songs and not just contribute an instrument. Then I came across producing and the art of creating whole songs. I immediately fell in love with it

What advice would you give someone who wants to “breakthrough” in the industry?

Find your style that suits you and that you can identify with. Assert yourself by sticking out and never give up

Which artists/songs/albums have helped you get through the quarantine?

Joji, “First Contact” by Lastlings, WizTheMc, Kaytranada’s Bubba album, Elderbrook, BHZ’s Kiezromantik album

What aspirations do you have for yourself as an artist in the near future?  

I have big dreams for the future. I want to make my music and my style successful all over the world and make my name known. There will be some new singles and an album coming out this year that I am looking forward to. Hopefully, the current virus situation will soon subside, and I will finally be able to play concerts.

Any early plans for new music in 2021? We can’t wait to hear fresh material!

There is a chill vibe Remix of my song ‘Love Again’ coming soon and the next new single release is also planned! I’m really excited and proud of the new upcoming single, this will be huge.

We would like to thank AVAION for taking the time to interview. For additional information regarding the artist’s music, please visit his official Spotify page.