Multi-talented instrumentalist, singer, and producer Youngr recently released an emphatically catchy new summer anthem, “Boy From Manchester” which is available to stream/download now via Armada Music.

Youngr – Boy From Manchester

Opening with irresistible elation,  “Boy From Manchester” is an upbeat single that reveals Youngr’s story as a child and how he now embraces everything that made him once feel like an outcast.  Capturing the essence of his live performances, the track is packed with championing brass instruments, guitar licks, and driving percussive elements.  Refreshingly unique, the release is a mesmerizing sonic display of compelling energy.

EDMunplugged found the track so inspiring, that we wanted to find out more about the artist.  We recently had the immense pleasure of speaking with Youngr in an exclusive interview to find out more about his latest release “Boy From Manchester” and what 2021 holds for the multi-faceted artist.

Known for his vast array of bootlegs, Youngr has garnered over a hundred million streams for his eclectic range of tracks.  

Youngr in an exclusive interview
Youngr in an exclusive interview

Youngr in an exclusive interview

You have an infectious new release out now via Armada Music titled, ¨Boy From Manchester” that talks about how you did not fit in as a child.  How has this shaped you into the artist you are today?

Yeah I think so. I mean, instead of starting an Oasis covers band, me and my bro started a James Brown covers band, whilst throwing in a few Incubus songs. ha it’s fair to say we weren’t giving the crowd what they wanted. But we loved it! My dad used to blast Fela Kuti and Cab Callaway in the car at the weekends, and Mum would play us her favourite bands like Simple Minds and UB40. Then I remember hearing Fairground by Simply Red on the radio whilst driving to basketball practice and just falling in love with that sound. And Simply Red is STILL my favourite band, ironically, he’s from Manchester!”


How did it feel to share such intimate details about your life in a song?

Pretty daunting! Especially with the title “Boy From Manchester” and shouting “I DON’T KIKE FOOTBALL” as the main hook! But you know, you can’t please everyone. And it is honest to me and I love it! This song has felt like it has been waiting to come out of me for years, so I’m glad it finally has.

You have gained a reputation for releasing an innovative array of bootlegs.  What is it about a record that makes you want to transform it into your own?

I’m not too sure you know, each one has its own reasons for me to want to pull it apart. However, as it’s mainly the vocals that I take and then re-imagine the music, it’s mostly the melody / emotion / lyrics / sentimental value that draws me in. “

What is your creative process like considering you write and perform your own instruments in your records?

“It’s fun/exhausting! I love love love collaboration. I grew up for most of my musical life in bands and writing with other people, jamming, improvising, feeding off other musician’s energy… so… to be doing it on my ones is kinda lonely if I’m honest! It’s always fun at the beginning of making a track, loading up the synths, bashing drums, slappin da bass, but then when it gets to structuring and arranging and making those tough decisions of what to keep and what to scrap, it gets pretty treacherous! “

You are a multi-talented instrumentalist. What instrument do you enjoy performing/playing the most?

It’s a close call between drums and piano. Drums/percussion cause of most fluid on them, and there is NOTHING more satisfying than smashing the shit out of a drum kit and finding that pocket in a sweet groove… but if I’m honest, there is only so much I can play until I want to start recording and move on to the next layer. I could play an upright/grand piano alllll day. I can get around on them but I’m by no means a virtuoso… but for me, you just can’t beat the feeling of finding that amazing chord progression which males butterflies fly around your stomach. Or that beautiful and simple melody you play in your right hand whilst playing some brooding low octaves, man, you can’t beat it. Got myself all excited just writing it. Where’s my piano at??!

 Is there a story behind your artistic name?

My middle name is Younger.” 😉

You traverse a range of genres with your sound. If you had to describe it in one word, what would it be and why?

Positive. I’m always trying to spread joy and happiness and love in my music.”

What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to get on a major label, similar to the accomplishment which you have achieved with Armada Music?

Don’t do it! They’re shit at replying to emails! Haha. But seriously, I would say, you do you! Just do it, love it, get stuck in, learn from your mistakes, av’ it large, don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t think the label is the answer to your prayers!”

 Do you have any upcoming projects/releases/shows that fans can expect in 2021?

Yeahhhh got a bunch of tunes you know, couple of remixes coming out, couple of originals, couple of bootlegs. Any kind of structure that once existed is kind of up in the air so I’m just taking it one release at a time for now.” 

What goes/aspirations do you have for yourself as an artist in the near/distant future?

I don’t like to think too much into the future. I can’t. My head would explode. Right now I’m driving to the Isle of Wight for a weekend of camping in a tent, and I’m very excited about it. I also have a nice cup of coffee next to me and life is pretty sweet.

EDMunplugged would like to humbly thank Youngr for taking the time for this interview. For additional information regarding Youngr, please visit his official website.