American DJ/producer Le Youth announced his debut on Armada Music with a new single, “Other Voices” which is currently available to stream/download here.

“Other Voices” is the first part of a four-track EP, which is set to be released off of Armada Music.  With gorgeous chord progressions and ethereal vocal effects that hook listeners at every turn, “Other Voices” makes for an unparalleled listening experience that oozes warmth, sophistication, and sheer beauty.

“Like anyone, I have a lot of voices in my head. There are the typical ones like fear, anxiety, self-doubt and envy, but there’s also a voice that just sings and writes songs when I’m not even thinking about music. That’s what ‘Other Voices’ is about. It’s based around a looping vocal motif I pulled from a writing session I did a few years ago, as I like going through old sessions to find inspiration. All the music was based around that one part.”

– Le Youth

Wes James, better known by his artist name Le Youth, is an American DJ/producer and musician who is known for combining R&B with 90s house music. Since his debut in 2013 with crossover hits, “C O O L” and “Dance With Me,” the artist has racked up a catalog of records and remixes in addition to a quarter of a billion streams in the seven years since.  The artist is inspired by artists Sasha, John Digweed, Eric Prydz, and most recently Lane 8, Yotto, and Ben Böhmer.  For additional information on Le Youth, please visit his official website.