Tomorrowland music festival announced the launch of its own imprint Tomorrowland Music with the release of an uplifting track by Afrojack and Chico Rose titled, “You Got The Love” which is available now to stream/download via its sub-label Never Sleeps.

With inspiring chord progressions, “You Got The Love” is a festival-ready summer anthem with colorful synths and a spritely beat.  Championing heartwarming lyrics, the release soars with radiating magnitude, making it another stellar achievement from both artists.

“You call it madness; we call it love. We started this project during the summer 2 years ago. We’ve worked for 6 months straight together in the studio and we are really happy to finally release it.”

Chico Rose

To coincide with this announcement, Afrojack announced the start of a new initiative titled, Never Sleeps which is a sub-label under Tomorrowland Music and will also be a platform for artists to release music and host parties that last all night long. Never Sleeps is set to be found at clubs and festivals alike, particularly in the city that never sleeps, New York City.   “You Got The Love” sees its release under the debut of Never Sleeps / Tomorrowland Music. 

“Never Sleeps is a project which is basically just there to emphasize dance music built for the festivals and clubs. Within the music industry, there’s a lot of pressure on artists to keep their brands relevant or to try new things and challenges. With Never Sleeps, it’s just about the music and the people – making music for people on the dance floor and celebrating life. It’s not just me, it’s me and other artists – whoever feels like they would love to do something together. No pressure, no genre. It’s just all about the music. Our first release ‘You Got The Love’ feels like a full-on dance music festival anthem and that’s why we started to collaborate with Tomorrowland and its brand-new label Tomorrowland Music. Very exciting!”