Electronic music pioneer Plastikman aka Richie Hawtin teamed up with the app Endel to release a collaborative AI-powered soundscape titled, “Deeper Focus” which is available at the following link.

Plastikman x Endel – 24 hours of Deeper Focus

Featuring all of the hallmark sounds of a stellar Plastikman production, “Deeper Focus” is a personalized real-time adaptive soundscape that improves users’ focus and productivity with the app. Hawtin worked hand-in-hand with Endel co-founders, including visionary entrepreneur Oleg Stavitsky, acclaimed sound designer and composer Dmitry Evgrafov, and esteemed artist and visual director Protey Temen, to create original sounds and productions matching both his artistic vision and Endel’s psychoacoustic requirements. The stems were then processed by Endel AI to create а soundscape that adapts in real-time to the user’s location, weather, natural light exposure, and with beats synced to heart rate.

“The Deeper Focus mode unites newly recorded Plastikman sounds, textures, and rhythms with the Endel AI, exploring a new type of collaboration between myself and technology. As a control freak in the studio, it is usually I who has the last word of how a track unfolds, however, in this exciting situation, the AI is the one who decides the final framework. Although this may sound scary to some, I believe it is just another extension of my belief in technology and its intrinsic place within my creative process. If you think about it, technology has always been between me and my audience, and this is no different, only that perhaps the technology in-between is this time a little more intelligent.”

Plastikman aka Richie Hawtin

“On-demand state of flow is the ultimate dream for all of us, especially in 2021. Fusing neuroscience, AI, and techno to induce a state of deep focus is an incredibly ambitious task. That’s why we have invited Plastikman, with his trademark precision and architectural approach to sound, to help us build this new soundscape. The result is a hypnotic, scientifically engineered soundscape that feels like a superpower, another step towards our vision of Endel as a tech-aided bodily function.”

Oleg Stavitsky, CEO of Endel

“Deeper Focus” is the second in a series of collaborations that pair visionary artists with Endel’s science-backed technology and follows Grimes’ explosive project, “AI Lullaby” for assisting sleep and wellness in children and adults.   Endel will be launching a new section in the app with more collaborations expected in the near future.

Boasting over two million users, and awarded Apple Watch App of the Year 2020, Endel is a patented soundscape technology with personalized sound environments to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve sleep.   A new study from the neuroscience lab, Arctop found that Endel provides the fastest, most consistent focus compared with both silence and popular ‘focus’ playlists on digital streaming platforms.  For additional information on Endel, please visit its official website.