Rising electronic music duo MindGazm released an enticing four-track EP, ‘Sensual Guidance’ which is currently available to stream/download via Symphonic.

MindGazm – Sensual Guidance

Effortlessly merging funk, rock, and intriguing electronic elements, MindGazm’s‘Sensual Guidance’ EP hones the duo’s unique signature sound while pushing the boundaries of any one genre.  The duo is known to create immersive experiences with their releases as they combine experimental visual art alongside their singles. 

Opening with the EP’s title track, “Sensual Guidance,” the single laces captivating electronic elements with rock-infused instrumentals.  Enticing its listeners on MindGazm’s sonic journey, the second track “Don’t Close Your Eyes” features a seductive, grooving melody atop the duo’s signature instrumental elements. Highlighting a downtempo house ambiance while keeping a lively, upbeat vibe, the rhythmic house track captures the feeling of seeing something that is unavoidable to ignore. 

The EP’s third single, “Sympathy,” lends itself to a more euphoric deep house vibe that showcases funk-inspired rhythm throughout the release.  Closing out the EP is, “Sound Melody” which is an atmospheric guitar-driven tune incorporating a grooving soundscape.  

Rising New York City-based duo MIndGazm is comprised of Gregory Gelfand and Jenya Taran.  The pair have been diligently honing their unique signature sound as they blend elements of deep house, electronic, funk, rock, and jazz.  2020 saw MindGazm release a handful of EPs and self-released singles showcasing the duo’s skillful studio precision. With an unmatched discography, MindGazm is undoubtedly one to watch in 2021 as the duo raises the bar for deep house rock.

MindGazm – “Sensual Gudidance” EP

  1. Sensual Guidance
  2. Don’t Close Your Eyes
  3. Symphony
  4. Sound Melody