Dutch DJ/producer Sam Feldt launched a new start-up, Fangage, allowing artists, influencers, and fans to create a unique fan platform within minutes.  

Following a big crowdfunding campaign that raised €300.000 and a massive upgrade of the platform, Fangage has relaunched with additional features. The new system will allow Influencers to create their own customizable and multilingual fan platform for free, offering fans exclusive and/or paid content and experiences. 

Responding perfectly to the economic problems many are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, a platform that offers paid content to fans will allow for an additional stream of revenue for influencers.  With all significant events put on hold, artists are now able to tap into a completely new income flow and connect with fans in a new way through the upgraded version of Fangage. 

Artists will be able to share content and experiences including music, videos, VIP tickets, studio sessions, guest lessons, merchandise, giveaways, and meet & greets that are not available to anyone not subscribed to the platform. The ability to offer VIP subscriptions to fans will be available, giving fans exclusive content for a fixed price per month or directly sell access to individual content items. Influencers will also be able to directly communicate with their top fans by sending them personal messages. 

Created in 2016, Fangage was created by Sam Feldt due to his own frustrations with social media. 

“It annoyed me that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram forced me to pay advertising money to reach my fans. I found it strange that my fans themselves clicked the ‘follow’ button, wanted to stay updated on my music, yet I had to pay a third party to reach them.” 

– Sam Feldt

Since its launch, Fangage has garnered influencers Oliver Heldens, Laidback Luke, Tavi Castro, Armada Music, and many more with hundreds of thousands of fans registered.

Numerous packages are currently available for artists, influencers, and brands with both a free version and upgraded versions for €39 and €79 per month. For additional information, please visit the official website for Fangage at the following link