Bass music producer Rusko announced the release of a four-track EP titled, “Sauce” which is currently available via Wakaan here.

Marking one year since the world has seen any new Rusko music, “Sauce” is wholly reflective of the artist’s signature wonky, distorted bass sound.  The four-track EP spans a wide array of electronic dance music genres including dubstep, drum and bass, and bass house.  The EP also features tracks with fellow bass music staples Dirt Monkey and Boogie T as well. 

Kicking off the EP with “Carrot Cake,” the track features a slow and steady beat with reggae elements before the bouncy dubstep sound takes full effect.  “Ecstasy Dreamland” maintains the lively energy driven by its predecessor. “Quarantinis” is a collaboration with Dirt Monkey which is characterized by even more hints of wobbly dub-reggae. “Wha Gwan” finishes the EP, with Boogie T’s signature heart-fluttering dubstep.

I’m finally thrilled to present 4 slices of brightly colored dubstep rainbow cake! Fresh out of the oven. I made a lot of music during lockdown, and picked the 4 most fun & shiny wobblers for this exciting debut on Wakaan! Collaborations for me are rare, and getting two of them finished with my two fav producers in the game right now was a dream come true! I hope the energy and hype put into these tracks is transferred straight to your hearts because I can still hear the fresh excitement in all these tunes. Hopefully, this is a little ray of Rusko sunshine to brighten everyone’s world and the start of more to come. Love you.


Christopher Mercer, more commonly referred to by his artist name, Rusko is a pioneer in dubstep.  Having come onto the scene in 2006, the Leeds-born artist has been an active participant in the initial U.K. dubstep wave that took the world by storm in the mid-to-late-2000’s.   Over the years, the artist has sold-out tours and played at renowned events and venues all over the world. 

“Sauce” EP

  1. Carrot Cake
  2. Ecstasy Dreamland
  3. Quarantinis
  4. Wha Gwan