Dubstep producer Liquid Stranger unveils 8 high-octane remixes for his latest, “Psychonaut Remix EP,” which is currently available to stream/download via WAKAAN.

Psychonaut (12th Planet Remix)

Featuring all-star remixes from the likes of 12th Planet, AstroLizard, Blanke, Hydraulix, Krischvn, LICK, LUZCID, and Mersiv, the EP marks the one year anniversary since “Psychonaut” saw its debut on Liquid Stranger’s lauded “Ascension EP.”

Kicking off with the familiar sounds of the original release, the EP moves on to 12th Planet’s rendition that takes on a more head-banging approach. In pure dubstep fashion, the track showcases unexpected drops with feverous energy that can only be played at peak volume. “Psychonaut” (12 Planet Remix) comes shortly after his collaboration with U.K. vocalist Katie Skyake on “Follow.” 

Delivering a range of propulsive energy from a myriad of acts, “Psychonaut Remix EP” boasts an array of talent that are both staples and newcomers to the WAKAAN imprint.  Showcasing their own unique sound, the artists revitalize the original in eight distinctive ways.  

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Liquid Stranger – Psychonaut Remix EP tracklist:

  1. Psychonaut
  2. Psychonaut (12th Planet Remix)
  3. Psychonaut (AstroLizard Remix)
  4. Psychonaut (Blanke Remix)
  5. Psychonaut (Hydraulix Remix)
  6. Psychonaut (Krischvn Remix)
  7. Psychonaut (LICK Remix)
  8. Psychonaut (LUZCID Remix)
  9. Psychonaut (Mersiv Remix)