Defected Records announced the launch of a three-part virtual event, “We Dance As One” beginning Friday, Oct. 30. 

Set to kick-off the series of events with a massive lineup, the Oct. 30 event will feature performances by Carl Cox, CamelPhat, Mike Dunn, Natasha Diggs, Sam Divine, and more still yet to be announced.  Streamed via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, the sets will be broadcast from the artist’s homes or at their favorite nightclubs which are currently empty due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

CamelPhat will be performing at Liverpool’s Mansion nightclub, a venue that they own in their hometown.  Sam Divine will play at London’s Ministry Of Sound, and Mike Dunn will be at Smartbar in his hometown, Chicago.  All performances will enforce strict restrictions and social distancing will be in place.

Aimed to provide hope and uplift the dance music community during this unprecedented time,  Defected Records also intends to raise awareness for the plight of the live entertainment sector in the UK and around the world.  With all activities supported by the Night Time Industries Association and Association For Electronic Music, “We Dance As One” is Defected’s way of showing solidarity for an industry that has largely been ignored and dismissed by the government. 

Showing up for the culture in a way that only Defected can, We Dance As One will see world-renowned DJs broadcast to millions, completely free and accessible to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

We cannot allow our culture to just be dismissed, or abandoned. Defected cannot stand by and let people just give up on nightlife, clubbing, and the extended industries dependent on events. Alongside the financial benefits, dancefloors and music enrich the lives of millions around the world, breaking down prejudices and boosting our mental health.”

– Wez Saunders, Managing Director Defected Records

This pandemic has negatively impacted dedicated and highly skilled people in the music and events industry, told by the UK’s government ministers to “retrain” or find alternative careers rather than receiving the necessary support.  Defected will be taking this opportunity to bring on board workers who have been displaced or lost work during this time.

“We want this to be a calling card for those who have had their jobs and livelihoods taken away. We need to joyously remind people what these artists and DJs are best at, and why this music matters so much to the mental health of so many. We need to do what we do best at Defected and bring people together from around the world, getting people dancing. Our role is to ensure people are aware of the current threat to our very culture yet inspired enough to do something about it.” 

– James Kirkham, CBO Defected Records

The first “We Dance As One” event will stream live on Defected’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook platforms on Oct. 31.  There will also be subsequent events on Nov. 27 and a culminating event on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2021.  Lineup announcements are set to be made in the forthcoming weeks and months.