Burning Man sculptures will be displayed in a brand new art complex in Las Vegas dubbed Area 15.  The complex will feature sculptures from previous Burning Man festivals in addition to housing festival boutiques and feature pieces from Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf in 2021.

Every year after Burning Man is complete artists are faced with the question as to what to do with it once the festival is over. At Area 15, Art Island will be home to these exquisite works of art.  The exhibit will not only be displaying the works of art but will also be making them commercially available to be sold.

Some of the art pieces that will be available to purchase at the complex will include Michael Benisty’s 14-foot-tall polished steel statue of a man and woman embracing, In Every Lifetime I Will Find You, and Alchemy Arts’ OMAH, a neon-lit owl sculpture poised in flight.  Other art installations include Shogyo Mujo, a 12-foot-tall, 360-degree projection of a skull by Bart Kresa and Josh Harker that greets guests at the entrance.

Art in Motion

“Burning Man is its own very special thing. It’s 68,000 of the most creative people on the planet coming together to build something that’s just extraordinary. I’m humble enough to know that we would never try to recreate Burning Man….Real-estate developers, municipalities, and other people who are interested in purchasing this kind of work can come and actually see the piece in some kind of context.  In a photograph, you can’t get a sense of how spectacular this work is.”

– Michael Beneville, Area15 founder and a 10-year Burning Man veteran

Much of the facility is reserved for retailers selling exotic festival gear and boutique fashions.  Area 15 is expected to open in early 2021.

This news was originally featured at ArtNet.com.