The UK issued a 10 pm curfew and restrictions, which will be placed on live entertainment as a spike in COVID-19 cases begin to surge through England.  

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently addressed the House of Commons following a briefing with Scientific advisors.  Pubs, bars, and restaurants, and any business selling food or drink will be forced to close at 10 pm starting Thursday while people have been told to work from home if they can. 

Concert halls, theatres, and cinemas may stay open beyond the 10 pm curfew but only if the performance started before the curfew.  Venues will not be permitted to sell alcohol past this designated time.  

The chief medical officers for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales raised the COVID-19 threat level from three to four, which means a high or rising level of transmission rate requires enforced social distancing.

“They are reluctant steps that we’re taking, but they’re absolutely necessary because as we were reminded yesterday and as you’ve been reporting, the rate of infection is increasing, the number of people going to the hospital is increasing, therefore we need to act.”

 – The Cabinet Office Minister

While it is still uncertain as to how long these restrictions and UK curfew will be in place, it is rumored to possibly last up to six months. 

Further, the new £10,000 fines for those who breach social distancing legislation will be extended from individuals to businesses during this time period.

Johnson made clear that these measures do not mean a return to lockdown conditions, since schools, colleges, and universities remain open, the opposition to this argument is urging the government to extend furlough and wage-support schemes for those out of work.

This news was originally reported by IQ-Mag.