Dim Mak, Steve Aoki’s recording label, announced that three artists would be commissioned to remix tracks by Australian producer Ryan Kurt who created the Real Racing 3 Soundtrack last year.

This announcement comes as Dim Mak collaborates with Firemonkeys Studio, an Australian based creative studio of Electronic Arts (EA), and kicks off with their first remix by Corrupt (UK) titled, “Further.”  Please visit the following link to stream/download.

The remix drops in-game with the launch of Real Racing 3’s second season of Formula 1​ content. Fans can expect to hear additional remixes from Dim Mak artists later this fall. 

“Real Racing 3 has a long history of supporting rising EDM talent and this project allows us to support, collaborate, and provide a platform for artists we love.  Dim Mak was the natural partner to do this with after our past collaborations with Steve Aoki. We always want to work with people that push boundaries and innovate and Dim Mak is at the forefront of what is happening in EDM right now. This latest collaboration takes it to the next level, merging music, gaming, and motorsports in a unique and authentic way.” 

Benjamin Dawe, Creative Director – Brand & Partnerships at Firemonkeys

Players who download and play Real Racing 3 will have the opportunity to view an interview behind the scenes with details about the creation of Corrupt (UK)’s remix in Real Racing TV as well as get a first “listen” to the new track in-game.

F1 Tracks unite both music and sport, providing a dynamic platform for fans which brings the two together.