Dance music talent Bear Grillz released a bass-heavy remix package titled, “Friends Remixed” EP which is available to stream/download via Dim Mak.

Featuring a collaboration of seven new remixes for tracks from Bear Grillz’s recent genre-defying album, Friends: The Album, the EP enlists more of the artist’s personal friends to provide a fresh new take on some of its biggest tracks. This includes remixes by Kompany, SIPPY & Doctor Werewolf, Pushing Daizies, Sam Lamar, and more. 

Two of the EP’s stand-out remixes come from Kompany who provides a neck-breaking, bass-fueled version of Bear Grillz & Riot Ten’s “Run It” and Pushing Daizies who remix Bear Grillz, Adventure Club, & JT Roach’s “Where We Are.”  Pushing Daizies provide an emotive, bass-laden take on the original that contrasts sentimental lyrics against unexpected drops making it a compelling listen from start to finish.

Bear Grillz & Riot Ten – Run It (feat. Bok Nero) [Kompany Remix]

“I’ve been a big fan of Kompany for years so it was really exciting to have him remix ‘Run It.’ He’s such a beast and this track is no different. I was blown away when I first heard this remix and just imagined dance floors all across the world crumbling when they hear this one.”

Bear Grillz

Released in December 2020, Bear Grillz’s sophomore effort Friends: The Album celebrated friendship and collaboration, in the spirit of finding meaningful connections through the uncertainty of COVID-19.   For additional information on Bear Grillz, please visit his official Facebook Page.

Bear Grillz – Friends Remixed EP Tracklist

  1. Bear Grillz & Riot Ten – “Run It (feat. Bok Nero) [Kompany Remix]”
  2. Bear Grillz & Adventure Club & JT Roach – “Where We Are (Pushing Daizies Remix)”
  3. Bear Grillz & Tisoki – “Taking Over (feat. Sam Nelson) [Save Yourself Remix]”
  4. Bear Grillz & Figure – “Vortex Engine (Figure Drumstep VIP)”
  5. Bear Grillz & Adventure Club & JT Roach – “Where We Are (Sam Lamar Remix)”
  6. Bear Grillz & OG Nixin – “Fire To The Roof (OG Nixin VIP)”
  7. Bear Grillz & SIPPY – “Blast Like (SIPPY & Doctor Werewolf VIP)”