On Sept. 3, Joseph Capriati announced a new artist album titled Metamorfosi which is currently available now on his own recording label Redimension which can be streamed or purchased here.

Marking three years since his last album release, Metamorfosi sees Capriati embark on a journey of self-reflection, which has broadened his creative spectrum and incorporated more genres and moods within his music. 

“It is definitely not a pure dance floor record.  It is diverse, which for me is the spirit of an album. I really hope that people will get the message.”

– Joseph Capriati on Metamorfosi

Due to the release being on his own label allows Capriati to be his own true authentic self.  The album is a display of the artist’s true Neapolitan self as a techno artist, as an eleven-year-old discovering House music, as a world-touring DJ, and as he is at home.

The collaboration with House legend Louie Vega on “Spirit Brothers,” is a modern spin on classic House music.

“The track with Louie Vega is very symbolic for me personally, as it was him and Masters At Work who have inspired me since the beginning.”

– Capriati

“Love Changed Me,” with Byron Stingily and Eric Kupper, two more icons of House, appears later in the record and also fulfills Capriati’s lifelong wish to work with timeless producers and vocalists.

Capriati made an ode to his hometown of Napoli on the track, “New Horizons” where he appeared alongside James Senese.  The single contains a techno version that stands for Capriati and the original version which stands for James Senese, a pioneer of Neapolitan blues and funk.

“This track has priceless value and for me has a great meaning. We didn’t want to make a pure techno track, because it would turn out to be trivial together with James Senese’s saxophone and his voice. The idea was to make an electronic track, and it turned out to be quite trip-hop, very 90s, in a similar style to Massive Attack or Tricky.”

– Capriati

The album is currently available now on 3×12” vinyl, CD, and streams.  Please see below for a full tracklisting.


A1 Improvvisazione

A2 Beautiful Morning

B1 Spirit Brothers (with Louie Vega)

B2 Anything Is Possible

C1 Dust

C2 New Horizons (feat. James Senese)

D1 Metamorfosi

D2 Psychic Journey

E1 Goa

E2 It’s All About Love

F1 Love Changed Me (with Eric Kupper feat. Byron Stingily)

F2 Let’s Change The World


01 Improvvisazione

02 Beautiful Morning

03 Spirit Brothers (with Louie Vega)

04 Anything Is Possible

05 Dust

06 New Horizons (feat. James Senese)

07 Metamorfosi

08 Psychic Journey

09 Goa

10 It’s All About Love

11 Love Changed Me (with Eric Kupper feat. Byron Stingily)

12 Let’s Change The World