Electronic music talent ARTY unveils an uplifting new single titled, “Fight For” which is available to stream/download now via Armada Music.

ARTY – Fight For

Opening with a soft piano melody and an evocative vocal, “Fight For” is an emotionally charged dance release set to empower listeners all over the world.  Featuring acoustic guitar riffs coupled with harmonic chord progressions, the release soars with cinematic synths and a message to fight for love.  

“Fight For” is one of the songs that takes you a day or two to make a version to test out in your live shows, but it takes forever to get it done and ready for the release. Since day one, I imagined this song as a tribute to the strong, fighting spirits that exist in all of us. Despite all the challenges life has assembled for us, even in the moments when we’re ready to give up, we somehow manage to find the deep inner strength that helps us to push through. And even if this isn’t enough, there will be someone’s hand we can grab and hold on to, because we’re not alone.”


“Fight For” marks the artist’s third single of 2021 and follows the artist’s love-induced release, “One Night Away” last month and January’s “Take Your Time.”  “One Night Away” became one of EDMunplugged’s Best EDM Tracks of June 2021.  To check out the entire list, please visit here