UK DJ/producer Tom Staar collaborates with vocalist Dan Soleil on a brand-new release, “We Found Love” which is currently available to stream/download via Armada Music.

Featuring thunderous bass alongside Dan Soleil’s emotionally charged lyrics, “We Found Love” is a captivating release with underground club laden tones.  The track follows a string of hit records that Tom Staar has recently churned out, which include “Feel Something,” “Body Beat,” and “U + I.”

Tom Staar feat. Dan Soleil – We Found Love

“I think I originally came up with the melody back in December 2019, but I never worked out what kind of record it was going to be. When Dan Soleil sent me over some songs he’d written, I went through some ideas I’d sketched out before and remembered this one. His vocal fitted perfectly and the track came together pretty fast after that.” 

Tom Staar

“‘We Found Love’ is a song about finding a true connection, right in the middle of chaos. Everybody is looking for love, sometimes so desperately that we forget ourselves. This song is about that desperate love and holding on to each other, no matter what.”

Dan Soleil

Thomas Ingamells more commonly known by his artist name Tom Staar is an English DJ and record producer whose catalog of releases has remained on the top 100 Beatport charts for several consecutive weeks.  Among them include “Totem”, “Jericho,” “Wide Awake” and “Bora”.   For additional information on Tom Staar, please visit his official Facebook Page.