W&W are reconnecting fans across the globe with their high-impact release “Rave Love” featuring AXMO and SONJA, which is currently available to stream/download via Armada Music here.

Determined to keep the party vibe alive with “Rave Love,” the Dutch duo W&W teamed up with “The Mind” producer AXMO and vocalist SONJA.  The track, which has the mark of their Rave Culture label stamped all over it, features fast-paced beats, uplifting vocals, and synths that tailspin any listener into the night.  “Rave Love” is sure to be that record any W&W fan will fall in love with.

W&W will also be going the extra mile to make a difference.  In the coming weeks, the artists will be sending out special Rave Love packages to fans with the message, “Rave will never die; spread the Rave Love.”

Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst make up the Dutch electronic DJ/production duo W&W. Having joined forces in 2007, the two have transcended the boundaries of genres and traversed the world with their music and live performances. Just some of their massive releases include “Moscow,” “Bigfoot,” “God Is A Girl,” and “Long Way Down.”  They have also been known to dominate the main stages at major music festivals including Tomorrowland and EDC.  For additional information, please visit their official website at the following link.