Platinum-selling dance music artist Felix Cartal releases his latest forthcoming album single titled, “Too Late” ft. KROY, which is available to stream/download now via Physical Presents.

Felix Cartal – Too Late ft. KROY

Opening with delicate piano chords, “Too Late” is an eloquent dance-pop release that features the angelic vocal harmonies of KROY.  The soothing release exudes an airy feel that is both light and refreshing and encapsulates Felix Cartal’s astounding ability to consistently deliver feel-good dance music.

‘Too Late’ was crafted in a last-minute session in Oslo, at a setup in my Airbnb with Iselin Solheim. That’s it, no studio. I remember Iselin saying, let’s just make something we’d both love listening to. It felt grounding, and I think that opened us up to making something really authentic. I’ve been a fan of Kroy for a while, and I love collaborating with artists who aren’t traditionally from the same scene as me, and having her sing it took the track in a beautiful direction that I really love. Once I built out the production, I knew it would be the final song on my album. It feels like a conclusion to me, like a final act.”

Felix Cartal

Felix and I had been trying to work together for a few years now, and actually got into the studio a while ago, but nothing came out of it. I was so happy he thought of me for his record. The fact that this entire song was done remotely gives me hope in long-distance collaborations. That said, I cannot wait to be in the same room as Felix and celebrate our song together!


This release is slated to appear off the artist’s forthcoming album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People, due out on June 25 via Physical Presents.  Marking the artist’s fourth LP, the album will feature other previous hit releases that include “Only One” with Karen Harding, “Mine” with Sophie Simmons, platinum-selling single “Get What You Give,” “Happy Hour” ft. Kiiara, and “Love Me,” featuring the singer of Lights, which also won the Dance Recording of the Year at the Junos in 2020. To pre-order the Expensive Sounds For Nice People, please visit the following link.