Platinum-selling dance music artist Felix Cartal unveils a stunning new single out today titled, “Only One” ft. Karen Harding that is expected to appear off his upcoming album Expensive Sounds For Nice People due out on June 25 via Physical Presents

Felix Cartal – Only One ft. Karen Harding

Opening with an enrapturing vocal by songstress Karen Harding, ¨Only One” is an irresistible dance-pop production that soars with uplifting piano riffs. Incorporating a number of futuristic house elements, the track shines with bold lyrics chanting, ¨Let me be the ‘Only One.’”

 “I wrote this one with Karen, Chelsea, and Nick during a spontaneous session in LA. I feel like I have two modes when I make music, mode 1 would be something with an emotional heaviness, and mode 2 would be a response to just break away and make something that’s more of an uplifting escape. It was the summer, and I definitely was in mode 2.”

Felix Cartal

I loved this writing session. We were all on such a high, and I think it definitely came across in the song. We wanted to write a song about that overwhelming feeling of when you know someone is ‘the one‘, we’ve all felt it at some point.” 

Karen Harding

This release coincides with the announcement of the artist´s forthcoming album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People due out on June 26 via Physical Presents. The 16-track LP is also expected to feature the artist’s previous hit singles, “Mine” with Sophie Simmons, ¨Happy Hour” featuring Kiiara, and “Love Me” featuring singer Lights, which also won Dance Recording of the Year at the Junos 2020.   

Felix Cartal – Expensive Sounds For Nice People

  1. The Life (feat. Fjord)
  2. Over It (feat. Veronica)
  3. Harmony
  4. Layover
  5. Mine (with Sophie Simmons)
  6. 500 Days
  7. Old Self (feat. Ofelia K)
  8. We Fall
  9. Only One (with Karen Harding)
  10. My Last Song (feat. Hanne Mjøen)
  11. Love Me (with Lights)
  12. Going Up
  13. Happy Hour (with Kiiara)
  14. Jealous