Genesis Arts, Utopia Genesis Foundation’s NFT marketplace, launches two NFT collections from dance music star Kölsch and Chris Brown’s lifestyle brand, Mechanical Dummy.

Known for his work alongside Coldplay, dance music artist Kölsch will be dropping his first NFT collection “Infinite Traveler” on June 4 which will be auctioned from June 11-13, 2021 here

An audiovisual collaboration with Studio Rewind,  The buyer of each NFT in the “Infinite Traveler” collection will receive a one-off vinyl containing the extended version of the audio found on their NFT and be the sole owner of both the NFT and the extended music on the vinyl. Kölsch’s “Infinite Traveler” collection is an artistic embodiment of his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, portraying his journey of escapism, contemplation, and self-reflection.  

“Art in its purest form is always singular. One clear expression and one clear message can only exist as one object in its perfect form. I’ve always wanted to create a piece that met those criteria, but in these digital times, it has never been an option. NFTs are the perfect way to fulfill this idea, and partnering with Genesis Arts has allowed me to launch this unique collection the way I have always envisioned, a clear path from artist to buyer, the purest form of authentication.”


Partnering with London-based artist Ruben Varela, known as Varelart, Mechanical Dummy’s NFT collection will include four pieces pulling inspiration from global warming, crypto, astrology, movies, and sports and will launch from May 27-28, 2021 at the following link.

“NFTs are the only viable way for an artist to constantly earn from their art forever. After being immortalized on the blockchain and becoming an asset to digital art collectors, NFTs serve to put the artist first, which is unheard of in the art scene and is a huge benefit of digital art by giving the collector and the creator flexibility in selling their work. We are very excited to work with Genesis Arts on this launch as they share our vision of putting the artist first.”  

Isaac Densu of Mechanical Dummy

For additional information on either of the NFT collections, please visit Genesis Arts’ official website