Fedde Le Grand called upon fans to create the music video for his emotive release with Melo.Kids titled, “In Love With You,” which is available to stream/download via Darklight Recordings.

Fedde Le Grand & MELO.KIDS – In Love With You

Showing an appreciation and love to his following, Fedde Le Grand re-connected fans in a unique way with the music video for his undeniable release, “In Love With You.” The video flips through fans showcasing the lyrics of the track, merging the song’s message in a poignant and cohesive way. Featuring clips of Le Grand on stage with fans embracing in the crowd, the visual is a perfect reminder to audiences why they are in so much love with the artist’s music. 

“I have sincerely missed my fans over the past year. They’re the reason I’m still out there, so that’s why I wanted to make this music video together with them to feel connected again.”

Fedde Le Grand

After recently seeing its release last month, “In Love With You” has already amassed over 1 million global streams across platforms and sees Le Grand pair-up with fellow Darklight Recordings artists Melo.Kids.  Featuring euphoric chord progressions and enrapturing lyrics, the release continues to capture the hearts of listeners around the world.

Fedde Le Grand is one of the most established figures in the dance music industry with a plethora of hit releases that span a number of venerated labels including Spinnin’ Records, Toolroom Records, and Ultra Records, to name a few.  He can be seen performing at some of the most desirable music venues and events in the world including Tomorrowland, EDC, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, and Creamfields. Since 2012, the artist has been shining new light on budding talent through his venerated Darklight Recordings label.