Dance music artist Kaskade & songstress Ella Vos reveal the music video for their recent release, “Miles To Go” which is available to stream/download via Montsercat Silk.

Kaskade & Ella Vos – Miles To Go 

Produced by Danny Pollack & Evan Brown and directed by Erik Rojas, the music video for “Miles To Go” envisions America’s first human mission to Mars.  Making a coveted appearance in the video, Kaskade is a science expert being interviewed by a local news reporter, and Vos appears as a local jogger watching the rocket launch from her neighborhood.  From the team that brought music videos for such lauded acts Sia, Katy Perry, John Legend, the music video further emphasizes the track’s deeper message.

Opening with an emotive vocal by singer Ella Vos, “Miles To Go” is an emotionally charged release showcasing Kaskade’s iconic transcendental sound.  With enrapturing piano melodies, amidst sentimental lyrics, the track soars with an underlying message that America has “miles to go” from where it needs to be.  

“Miles To Go” marks the fourth and final single off Kaskade’s Rocket League-commissioned Reset EP. Kaskade is the first artist that Rocket League aligned with for an entire music-themed season. 

“Working with Rocket League as the first artist to conceptualize and create music for an entire season of their game was such an honor, and I also knew I couldn’t mess it up…gamers take their music and sonic landscapes very seriously. So while I felt a little pressure, it was mostly just an amazing time to pull together songs that could really go along with the various moods that we go through while immersed in a game like Rocket League. They’re finally all getting a release together on the Reset EP which will include my final song, ‘Miles to Go’ with Ella Vos, so the entire experience can be found in one place.”


Kaskade – Reset EP

  1. Miles To Go
  2. Flip Reset
  3. Closer
  4. Solid Ground