Gioli & Assia release a gorgeous, five-track EP, “Moon Faces” which is currently available to stream/download via Ultra Music.

Gioli & Assia – For You

Featuring emotive vocals, delicate piano riffs, and deep euphoric energy, “Moon Faces EP” opens with its lead single, “For You” and is accompanied by two other lead releases “Hands On Me” and “Lullaby” which saw their debut in January.  The EP also includes two new tracks, “Rollercoaster” and “Lost” featuring Mahmut Orhan to round-out out the captivating body of work with a trance-like, progressive feel.

“We’re dynamic, full of influences and music ideas,” the duo says. “We love to show the world, the people, how many styles and genres we can mix in our music. We’re both from different backgrounds, and we like to mix and unite them to show both sides of us.” 

Gioli & Assia

Gioli & Assia are a dynamic Italian female duo known for their monthly #DiesisLive sessions shot in beautiful locations worldwide. Since their debut, they have achieved consistent success garnering over 68 million YouTube streams, 9.8 million-plus Spotify streams, and coveted spots on Spotify playlists such as “Mint,” “Dance Rising,” “Friday Cratediggers,” and “New Music Friday Italia.”  Their recent viral video of them performing on top of an active volcano at the Aeolian Islands in Sicily, Italy amassed over 17 million views and counting.

Gioli & Assia – Moon Faces EP

  1. For You
  2. Hands On Me
  3. Rollercoaster
  4. Your Lullaby
  5. Lost feat. Mahmut Orhan