Norma Jean Martine announces a stunning new EP, “Visiting Hours” which is currently available to stream/download.

Norma Jean Martine – Visiting Hours (MOTi Version)

Featuring three remarkable releases, “Visiting Hours” EP kicks-off with the title track that is a sentimental single that manages to uplift spirits with deep-pop vibes.  The EP continues with a hot dancefloor rework by masterful producer, MOTi, which opens with a simple arrangement that builds into dramatic synths and piano riffs. With cut-up vocals that drop into chunky house beats, the rework transforms the original into a dance-floor ready masterpiece.  

“Visiting Hours is a song that’s very dear to my heart because it was written for my very close lifelong friend who passed away a few years ago. Even though the verses are very specific to my friend and me, the chorus is very universal in terms of grief and loss. I wrote it for my friend, but I sang it at my brother’s funeral last year, and it brought me and so many others comfort when I sang it live. In a time where there has been so much unprecedented loss, I feel this song will really connect with people, and hopefully bring some comfort.”

Norma Jean Martine

Closing out the EP is a cover of the timeless Beatles’ track “Hey Jude” which envelops listeners with its emotionally charged stripped-back vocal.  Featuring ambient sounds coupled with acoustic guitars, the track is a tribute to her late cousin who sadly passed away recently.

On recording “Hey Jude” Norma Jean Martine states in a press release, 

“Despite my greatest efforts, I still broke down halfway through the song, but I left it in because it was real and a moment in time. I’m not sure what they originally intended with the lyrics, but lines like “take a sad song, and make it better” felt so relevant in the moment and brought me so much comfort.” 

Norma Jean Martine is the brains behind the 2020 smash single, “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” with Parisian dance duo Ofenbach and the German producers Quarter.  The track went on to garner over 150 million streams in less than a year and broke a personal record with one million streams a day. The vocalist’s hit single, “When We Were Young” with Lost Kings amassed 90 million streams and gained praise from the US to Asia.  For additional information on Norma Jean Martine, please visit her official Facebook Page.

Norma Jeane Martine – Visiting Hours EP

  1. Visiting Hours
  2. Visiting Hours (MOTi Version)
  3. Hey Jude