Porter Robinson announces his highly-anticipated forthcoming new album, Nurture will debut on April 23 and is available for pre-order with merchandise via Mom+Pop.

Porter Robinson – Look at the Sky 

Marking the first album in seven years, Porter Robinson’s Nurture will feature the highly anticipated new track, “Look At The Sky” which saw its debut during his Secret Sky livestream last May.  The uplifting track emanates with the artist’s radiating vocals that declare, “Look at the sky, I’m still here. I’ll be alive next year. I can make something good.”  Its lyrics make it the perfect sonic offering for any listener to kick-start the new year. The album will also feature previously released tracks, “Mirror, “Get Your Wish,” and “Something Comforting.” 

“‘Look at the Sky is fundamentally a song about hope.  There’s no shortage of fuel for despair, but you can’t take meaningful action to improve things if you don’t have some belief that things might get better. That’s what hope is, and I think it’s an emotion worth nourishing. I wrote this song at my lowest point emotionally, when I thought I couldn’t make music anymore, and I wasn’t sure if my existence would have any meaning if I couldn’t make music. In the lyrics, I’m sort of imagining what life would be like once I was on the other side of all that fear and anxiety and sadness. I’m happy to report that it’s amazing on the other side of all this, and I’m so glad I had hope and persisted.”

Porter Robinson

Nurture is a deeply personal body of work that spans a pressing time in the artist’s life when he suffered from severe anxiety under the pressure of his success to a degree that was creatively crippling. The artist underwent a state of depression which was further exacerbated by his brother’s diagnosis with a rare and aggressive cancer. 

Porter Robinson is an acclaimed vocalist, songwriter, and producer who emerged onto the scene in 2010.  His debut album Worlds, released in 2014, peaked at number one on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart.  In 2017, the artist began putting out music under the alias Virtual Self, where he debuted a self-titled EP the same year.  In 2019, the artist earned a Grammy Award nomination for the hit single “Ghost Voices.”  For additional information on Porter Robinson, please visit his official website.