Porter Robinson unveils the official music video for his latest release, “Look At The Sky” off of his forthcoming album Nurture due out on April 23 via Mom+Pop, which can be pre-ordered here.

Porter Robinson – Look at the Sky 

Directed by Chris Muir and choreographed by Matty Peacock, the music video opens with Robinson eloquently performing on a piano as it picks up the pace with the track’s elated melody and lyrics. Robinson is seen singing and dancing alongside an array of ghosts as it pans to a blue sky further emphasizing the track’s message.

“I wanted to represent the things we all contribute to this world, and how they last even after we’re gone. When I make music in a room by myself, I’m not truly working alone—someone else invented the piano, the computer, the software, even the ideas of melody, chord, harmony, and scale. We’re always collaborating with a limitless number of people we don’t know, most of whom aren’t around anymore. We’re all contributing something to the world with our every action, for better or for worse. When we’re gone, let’s hope that the things we leave behind will be useful and beautiful.”  Porter Robinson, creative-director of the video. 

“Look At The Sky” will be featured on Porter Robinson’s highly-anticipated new album, Nurture, which will also see  previously released tracks, “Mirror,” “Get Your Wish,” and “Something Comforting.”  The album will be a deeply personal body of work that spans a pressing time in the artist’s life when he suffered from severe anxiety under the pressure of his success to a degree that was creatively crippling.  To pre-order the album and buy its exclusive new merchandise, please visit the following link.