Toby Romeo joins forces with Felix Jaehn & FAULHABER to release “Where The Lights Are Low” which is currently available to stream/download via Republic Records.

Toby Romeo, Felix Jaehn, FAULHABER – Where The Lights Are Low

The infectious new single showcases the production prowess of Toby Romeo,  Felix Jaehn & FAULHABER all in one record.  Kicking off with the mesmerizing vocals of Jordan Shaw, the track entices its listeners with tension and basslines.  A perfect blend of dance music vibes paired with pop-sensibilities and catchy vocals, it is the perfect track to perform on any dance floor or radio.  

The track marks Toby Romeo’s eighth release over the course of the past year and his first release in 2021.  Beginning a long-term deal with Virgin Records/Universal, the single directly follows his recent remix of Norwegian producer K-391’s track “Aurora” featuring RØRY, and also serves as a follow up to his Jaehn collaboration on  “I Just Wanna” with Cheat Codes, featuring Bow Anderson.

2 years have already passed since I met Felix, and it’s amazing what has happened so far. After 3 remixes that I was allowed to do for Felix, several shows that he took me to, and a lot of time in the studio that we spent together, the time has finally come: the first single together! For several months we have been looking for the right song for the collaboration and we finally found it. “Where The Lights Are Low” is a very special song for me and I am super happy that we can finally show it to the world. I’m glad that Felix is no longer just my mentor, but has become a really good friend. This is just the beginning of Toby Romeo!

Toby Romeo

Toby played local support at one of my shows in Italy, 2018. After my set, I met him backstage and listened to some of his demos. I was amazed by the level of his productions at such a young age and fell in love with his drive, energy, and passion. I immediately felt that he wanted to go to the top and that he was willing to work and learn as much as needed to make his dreams come true. His passion and energy inspired me that day, and for the first time ever I felt like I wanted to truly push a talent and become a mentor. We exchanged contacts that night and have now worked on his project together for over two years. After several remixes for singles of mine, Alok, and Alan Walker, we finally celebrate his first major release on Universal Music. Our collab “Where The Lights Are Low” is another milestone on his way to becoming Austria’s biggest DJ. I’m grateful to be a part of his journey.

Felix Jaehn

I’ve always wanted to do something with “The Riddle” since it’s one of my favorite songs, the melody is just amazing. To do this together with Toby Romeo and legend Felix Jaehn is a true honor. I’m super excited for this release and I can’t wait to share it with the world!


Toby Romeo broke onto the scene at the pressing age of 13 years old.  Since then, he has rapidly gained traction across Europe with a number of epic releases created with his mentor and friend, Felix Jaehn.   Romeo has made massive strides in a very short period of time within the music industry, even co-producing Jaehn’s massive international hit, “Nea – Some Say (Felix Jaehn Remix)” which has garnered over 200,000,000 streams.