Dim Mak announced the release of Dim Mak Greatest Hits 2020: Originals & Remixes compilations, which are currently available to stream/download.

Steve Aoki x Timmy Trumpet – Tarantino ft. STARX

Kicking-off its Originals compilation is Founder of Dim Mak, Steve Aoki, who delivers his driving electro rave anthem, “Tarantino (feat STARX)” alongside Timmy Trumpet.  The 26-track compilation features an earworm of singles that include the label’s 2020 hits from Riot Ten, Shaquille O’Neal, Party Pupils, Bear Grillz, and many more.

Dim Mak Greatest Hits: 2020 would not be complete without highlighting its massive remixes released over the course of the past year.  Its Remixes LP  features 16 electrifying reworks from the likes of Tisoki, Blanke, Charly Jordan, Go Freek, Sammy Porter, KUE and more.

2020 became the year for artists to find creative ways to connect with their fans without touring.  Steve Aoki launched his 6OKI campaign through his magnanimous Pulp Fiction anthem “Tarantino (feat STARX);” Bass artist Riot Ten released his Hype Or Die: Emergence EP with a Shaquille O’Neal collaboration on “Ultimate (ft. T-Wayne);” and Bear Grillz released “Run It (feat. Bok Nero),” off of his mighty sophomore LP, Friends: The Album.

To accompany the heavy releases, there were also a number of emotive Dim Mak tracks that included Sammy Porter’s Dub Remix of “Let Me Take You There (feat. Laura White),” and Party Pupils’debut EP, Neon From Now On.  Australian powerhouse GG Magree made her Dim Mak debut via “Nervous Habits (feat. Joey Fleming),” which fused breathtaking vocals with a heavy dose of bass.  The track was later reworked by her Australian counterpart Blanke.  Please see below for the complete tracklists for Dim Mak Greatest Hits 2020.

Dim Mak Greatest Hits 2020: Originals tracklist:

  1. Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet – “Tarantino (feat. STARX)”
  2. Quintino & Richie Loop – “Manimal”
  3. Gammer & Henry Fong – “The Feeling”
  4. Party Pupils – “West Coast Tears (feat. Gary Go)”
  5. Two Friends – “Looking At You (feat. Sam Vesso)”
  6. Dr. Fresch – “Bon Appétit (feat. Chetta)”
  7. Riot Ten & Shaquille O’Neal – “Ultimate (feat. T-Wayne)”
  8. Bear Grillz & Riot Ten – “Run It (feat. Bok Nero)”
  9. Yvng Jalepeño & Just a Gent – “Geekin’ (feat. Nerve)”
  10.  Tisoki – “It’s OK (feat. Kozze)”
  11. QUIX – “Gunning For You (feat. Nevve)”
  12. GG Magree – “Nervous Habits (feat. Joey Fleming)”
  13. BROHUG – “Gold on My Crown (feat. Born I)”
  14. Henry Fong & Knock2 – “What’s the Move (feat. General Degree)”
  15. Sevenn – “Uber”
  16. Timmy Trumpet & Florian Picasso – “Armageddon”
  17. ARMNHMR – “Here With Me (feat. Nevve)”
  18. StayLoose & Last Heroes – “Won’t Look Back (feat. Soundr)”
  19. KRANE & Boombox Cartel – “All Again”
  20. Aviella – “Ain’t Too Late”
  21. DLMT – “Love The Way You Move (feat. Sara Diamond)”
  22. Max Styler – “Back To Me (feat. Jimmy Nevis)”
  23. Bok Nero & Shizz Lo – “Speedin’”
  24. Godlands – “Drop It Low (feat. Yung Bambi)”
  25. Otira – “Hardcore Sound”
  26. Ibranovski – “Surfboard” 

Dim Mak Greatest Hits 2020: Remixes tracklist:

  1. Party Pupils – “West Coast Tears (feat. Gary Go) [Kue Remix]”
  2. Two Friends – “Looking At You (feat. Sam Vesso) [GSPR Remix]”
  3. Riot Ten & Charly Jordan – “Wanna Go (Charly Jordan VIP)”
  4. Max Styler – “Let Me Take You There (feat. Laura White) [Sammy Porter Dub Remix]”
  5. GG Magree – “Nervous Habits (feat. Joey Fleming) [Blanke Remix]”
  6. QUIX – “Gunning For You (feat. Nevve) [Hairitage Remix]”
  7. Bok Nero & Shizz Lo – “Hood Anthem (KAYVIAN Remix)”
  8. Tisoki – “IT’S OK (feat. Kozze) [ALRT Remix]”
  9. Ryan Kurt & EA Games Soundtrack – “Time (RICCI’s Real Racing 3 Remix)”
  10. BRUX – “Fruit (Go Freek Remix)”
  11. ARMNHMR – “Give You My Heart (feat. Brody) [LICK Remix]”
  12. Henry Fong & Knock2 – “What’s the Move (feat. General Degree) [Tisoki Remix]”
  13. Riot Ten & Whales – “Save You (feat. Megan Stokes) [Kompany Remix]”
  14. Ryan Kurt & EA Games Soundtrack – “Taplein (SIPPY’s Real Racing 3 Remix)”
  15. Max Styler – “Back To Me (feat. Jimmy Nevis) [Reprise]”
  16. Prince Fox – “Rock Paper Scissors (Jolyon Petch Remix)”