Bear Grillz announced the release of his long-awaited sophomore LP titled, Friends: The Album which is currently available to stream/download via Dim Mak.

Bear Grillz, Adventure Club, & JT Roach – Where We Are

Friends: The Album is a twelve-track collaborative effort from Bear Grillz who called upon his closest friends and collaborators to find meaningful connections amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic.  At the start of his career, Bear Grillz released several volumes of Bear Grillz & Friends collaborative EPs which were immediately embraced by fans and the world. Now, a decade later, he revitalizes the series, which pays tribute to the early stages of his career while also providing a much needed creative outlet in isolation.

Touching on a myriad of genres throughout its entirety, Friends: The Album features reggae-pop melodies on “Give Em What” with Iration, high-charged bass with Riot Ten on “Run It” (feat. Bok Nero), and dream-like vibes on “Where We Are” with Adventure Club and JT Roach,  Showcasing his diverse range in production, Friends: The Album resonates the recurring theme that friends can accomplish anything together. 

Grillz has invited everyone from longtime collaborators Atarii and Bok Nero to old friends who he was finally able to work with including Dion Timmer and Tisoki. One of his favorite songs on the album is “Taking Over” with Tisoki and Sam Nelson, which is a rhythmic smorgasbord of deep horns coupled with floor-tight kicks, and a ruthless beat drop. 

In response to this collaboration, Bear Grillz says,

“My good friend Micah Martin introduced me to Sam Nelson. Once I heard his voice I knew I wanted to work with him on a track. I had the idea to combine our elements and get Tisoki on the track and just all came together so smoothly.”

Since the release of his debut album Demons in 2019, Bear Grillz has established himself as a dance music producer willing to take major sonic risks.  The artist is known to merge an array of genres including dubstep, future bass, bass house, hip hop, and reggae. He has gone on to become one of the most in-demand performers in the dance music scene with sold-out shows across 14 countries and performances at massive music festivals including Electric Zoo, Lost Lands, EDC Orlando, and HARD Summer.   For additional information on Bear Grillz, please visit his official Facebook Page.

Please see below for the complete tracklist for Friends: The Album.

Bear Grillz – Friends: The Album Tracklist

1. Bear Grillz & Adventure Club & JT Roach – “Where We Are”

2. Bear Grillz & Iration – “Give Em What They Want”

3. Bear Grillz & Riot Ten – “Run It (feat. Bok Nero)”

4. Bear Grillz & Tisoki – “Taking Over (feat. Sam Nelson)”

5. Bear Grillz & Blunts & Blondes – “Bring The Smoke”

6. Bear Grillz & SIPPY – “Blast Like”

7. Bear Grillz & Spag Heddy – “Light It Up”

8. Bear Grillz & OG Nixin – “Fire To The Roof”

9. Bear Grillz & Sam Nelson – “Sad Story”

10. Bear Grillz & Figure – “Vortex Engine”

11. Bear Grillz & Dion Timmer – “Scumbag (feat. Atarii)”

12. Bear Grillz & Katastro – “Here Right Now”