AVAION releases a brand-new sensational single, “Love Again,” which is currently available to stream/download via Protocol Recordings.

AVAION – Love Again

Kicking off the track memorably, AVAION lays down his characteristic melancholic aesthetic as he pairs a catchy guitar riff with his raw, velvety vocal. Merging synthesizers into a low steady house beat, the artist strips back its rhythm emphasizing his trademark sound with simplicity.  The track allows all of its key parts to shine, which entices its listeners to hear it on infinite replay.  Burning with sentiment and emotion, AVAION’s “Love Again” is an introspective single heightening the artist’s studio mastery, which he describes as a “pure form of my musical character.” 

AVAION’s passionate work ethic as a producer has allowed his music to score in the Top 50 Apple Music Charts in eight countries while garnering several Spotify Top 100 lists. The artist has accumulated over 8.1 million music streams and 3.5 million YouTube views. He has shown his innovative approach to making music in his much-lauded Jam Sessions via social media which captures a particular emotion in a given time.  Using his art as a means of expression, the artist continues to use his feelings within an expansive and cohesive body of work.  For additional information on AVAION, please visit his official Facebook Page or Instagram Profile.