Ferry Corsten opened his Trance Unity platform to offer fans the chance to collaborate with him on the new single, “Free” with all proceeds benefiting the World Health Organization (WHO). “Free” is currently available to stream/download via Armada Music.

Ferry Corsten & Trance Unity – Free

“Free,” which was created at the peak of the COVID-19  pandemic, offered the perfect opportunity to begin a project not just for the fans but with the fans.   Creating the initial melody of the track back in May, fans were asked to submit their own ideas and use their musical creativity to contribute towards the release. The resulting influx of submissions saw Corsten narrow down the selections to 22 collaborators from a myriad of countries that include France, UAE, Italy, Sweden, China, USA, Mexico, Singapore, and Australia.  Featuring an array of talented and emerging artists that range from producers, singers, songwriters, and engineers, “Free” marks Ferry Corsten’s last release of 2020 and his first-ever fan-collaborative release.

“This project is the very core of what I set about to create with UNITY. To bring musical creators together to create something special and use that unison for something good. Whilst I did start UNITY with my fellow DJs in mind, I always wanted to explore the possibility of doing more fan involved projects as the foundations of the platform grew. Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisaged a year like what 2020 has been, but I’m happy that something so powerful, explorative, and mainly fun came out of this crazy year. Working with all of the participants involved in this release has been such a joyful event for me. I’d like to thank them, and all those that submitted parts for consideration, for this release. I love you guys!”

Ferry Corsten

Kicking off the track with different voices chanting the word unity in an array of languages, “Free” features the distinct skills of each collaborator. Each participant provides their own unique element while Corsten’s years of experience in the studio rounds out the track resonating with a message of “Unity.”

The accompanying music video incorporates footage of the participants performing a segment of their own part showing the power of fulfillment and unity that music offers to connect people from around the world.  

Created in 2018, Ferry Corsten began the Trance Unity project with a vision to harden the sense of community lauded in the trance world.  To date, the Trance Unity project has paired Corsten with a host of high-profile artists including Paul Oakenfold, Ilan Bluestone, Gabriel & Dresden, and Trance Wax.

For additional information on Ferry Corsten, please visit his official website.