Anjunabeats and Above & Beyond collaborate with Farrow Design to unveil an exclusive 20 Years Of Anjunabeats merchandise collection, which is currently available to purchase at the following link.

Above & Beyond shares how the collaboration with Farrow Design came about to celebrate 20 Years Of Anjunabeats merchandise stating,

When we started the label 20 years ago, one of our early design inspirations was Mark Farrow. Mark was probably the best sleeve designer at the time, having created iconic sleeves and flyers for Factory Records and The Haçienda in the early 1980s and, most famously, for The Pet Shop Boys – one of our favorite bands. When we interviewed The Pet Shop Boys for Mixmag in 2012, Neil from the band said that Mark’s design for their 1986 album ‘Please’ still ‘felt really modern’. That remains true to this day.

His sleeve designs are iconic pieces of art and his liberal use of negative space, eye-popping colors, and the iconic Helvetica font gave his work a look we adored. Shortly before leaving Warner Music, Tony had hired Mark to design the sleeve for William Orbit’s classical album, “Pieces In A Modern Style”, the campaign that gave the world Ferry Corsten’s remix of Barber’s Adagio. You might see a subtle nod to that album if you look closely at the design of Anjuna’s early vinyl sleeves.

A few years later we reached out to Farrow Design for the sleeve of ‘Tri-State’ and met with Mark for a pleasant but very brief chat – they were far too expensive for us.

Over the years since then, our design work has taken its own path, with Mat Maitland and the folks at Big Active creating some incredible work for us and our own in-house art department going from strength to strength. But our admiration for the work of Farrow has never diminished and so, with our 20 year anniversary upon us, we decided to give Mark and Gary a special project to help us commemorate the label’s 20 year birthday and the long shadow their designs have cast over our own aesthetic. The result is a 20 Year art print and clothing range which is ready just in time for Christmas.

Thanks to Mark and Gary Stillwell at Farrow for their constantly beautiful work. We hope you like this collection as much as we do. “

Above & Beyond

For additional information about the 20 Years of Anjunabeats merchandise collection, please visit Anjuna’s official store here.