CloudNone & Direct collaborate on a three-track EP titled “Guilty Pleasures,” which is currently available to stream/download via Monstercat.

CloudNone & Direct – Guilty Pleasures

The EP kicks-off with the title track, “Guilty Pleasures,” which has a sombre timbre with shimmers of hope which is featured throughout the track’s entirety.  

The next track “‘Slip,” showcases dark muffled vocals over a subdued tones which is sure to draw listeners in with its emotive techniques.  Evoking deep contemplative reflection, the single will leave its listeners in a calm and relaxed state. 

Closing out the EP is “Told U,” which is a four-minute journey that kicks-off with a rising tension that builds with each beat.  With moving basslines, a distorted vocal, and glitchy soundscapes, “Told U” properly rounds-out the EP with perfection.

The Guilty Pleasures EP has become the soundtrack to my evenings throughout this year. I often go for a walk by myself at the end of the day and this EP has always been the perfect companion, providing a sense of relief and therapy. Beginning with a bit darker energy and then lightening up with Slip, the flow of this EP always treats me right. Things shift and my mood becomes transcendent with Told U, but all in all, Slip has really been my essential night-time anthem


Guilty Pleasures EP embodies many of the feelings I have missed out on during quarantine: Exploring the city at night, seeing shows, and collaborating with friends. When listening to the EP I feel reminiscent of freedoms I felt and now long for.”


CloudNone & Direct ‘Guilty Pleasures’ EP

  1. Guilty Pleasures
  2. Slip
  3. Told U