ADE revealed a unique campaign video, “Silence Between The Notes,” which shares the message of how this year’s edition of the festival has become “silent” due to COVID-19.  

In celebration of the festival’s 25th anniversary, ADE has not let this memorable moment pass and has joined forces with the talented Dutch directors Joost Biesheuvel and Boris Acket to create a unique campaign movie.  The movie not only celebrates the love for dance music but also the silence the world is living in now.

“Music is not in the notes, it is in the silence in between.”

– Mozart

The idea behind the campaign was to portray how silence is an essential part of the music. 2020 can be seen as a monumental time where there has been a deafening silence within the club, event, and music industry.  With all of Amsterdam Dance Event’s 2020 club events being canceled, the industry is hit hard and something must be said about the silence. 

To illustrate this concept, Joost Biesheuvel and Boris Acket made an attempt to visualize all the sonic aspects of musical composition. Dancers in reflective suits were added to come alive as soon as a musical composition emerged from the noise. The entire film sets out to illustrate the birth of music through silence. 

This year’s ADE will be taking place in a new online format from Oct. 21-25 due to COVID-19. Digital Pro Passes can be purchased at the following link here

For the past 25 years, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has become one of the most important events in dance music.  Known for its rich panel discussions, interactive Q&As, and masterclasses by top music artists and professionals, it is also known to host parties throughout Amsterdam including its annual Amsterdam Music Festival


  • Director: Joost Biesheuvel
  • Director & scenography: Boris Acket
  • Installation: Lumus Instruments
  • D.P: Zeeger Verschuren
  • A.C: Christiaan van Dijk
  • Gaffer: Chris van Marle
  • Best-boy: Alexander Karl Ubelhor
  • Grading: Ruben Labree


  • Boris Acket & Joost Biesheuvel


  • Nicola Balhuizen Hepp


  • Camilla Bundel
  • Rebecca Collins
  • Uri Eugenio
  • Lo Walther Boer


  • LOFI Amsterdam