Dutch producer Don Diablo recently revealed a new collaborative music project two years in the making with fellow artist Denzel Chain titled, Camp Kubrick, which brings listeners back to a time where shoulder pads, leg warmers, and mullets were still in fashion.  

Camp Kubrick delivered their own unique twist of the 80s with the announcement of their debut release last month titled, “Johnny’s Online,” which is currently available to stream/download via Hexagon here

Now, the duo has now revealed the retro, technicolor music video for the release, which can be seen below.  Inspired by acts like Toto, Lionel Richie, Kraftwerk, and movies like Back to the Future, The Never Ending Story, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, the video takes Denzel Chain and Diablo back in time to an era of 8bit video games, arcades, and silk bomber jackets. 

Don Pepijn Schipper, more commonly known by his artist name ‘Don Diablo’ is a Dutch DJ/producer, songwriter, and founder of the recording label, Hexagon.  He has become one of the highest-ranked DJs in the world and is known to be a pioneer for the future-house genre in the Electronic Dance music scene.  He can be seen performing across some of the biggest music festival stages in the world including Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, and Creamfields.  For additional information regarding the artist, please visit the artist’s official web-page or visit Hexagon’s web-page for all of the artist’s recording label releases.