Grammy-nominated dance music producer Tommy Trash and vocalist Kiesza collaborate on a compelling release, “Tectonic,” which is available to stream/download now via hau5trap.

Tommy Trash & Kiesza – Tectonic

Opening with an atmospheric vocal courtesy of Kiesza, “Tectonic” is a mellifluous dance release that is both emotive and enchanting.  With a gorgeous fluid motion, the track’s vocals glide with ease to its rhythm while its lyrics serve as a celebrated ode to creative rebirth inside and outside of the studio.

“A few years ago I found myself in a bit of a pickle mentally, spiritually, emotionally, creatively and it took a lot of work to get out of that hole. But I can say unequivocally without the experience of going away and properly working on myself, I’d still be stuck. Ayahuasca was a big part of that process for me. This single ‘Tectonic’ is the culmination of that work and a true representation of where I’m headed as an artist. I wrote the instrumental in Bali while I was away on my sabbatical. I loved working with Kiesza on it – she is an incredible lyricist with unrivaled vocal chops. I’m super grateful to be working with her and excited for what the future will bring…”

Tommy Trash

“I began ‘Tectonic’ as a folk song on my mother’s grand piano and Tommy Trash took the song to a level I could have never imagined. I love how the unique combination of the deep poetic lyrics and haunting melody combines so effortlessly with Tommy’s energetic and driving electronic house music, to create the most beautiful sense of melancholy. I’m blown away by his creativity and talent as a producer and definitely can not wait to create more music with him!” 


Tommy Trash and Kiesza are in frequent association with the deadmau5 brand.  Tommy Trash’s remix of “The Veldt” was nominated for Best Remix at the 55th Grammy Awards Ceremony in 2012.  Further, in December of 2020, the Tommy Trash was enlisted to remix deadmau5 and Kiesza’s hit single, “Bridged By A Lightwave.”