Joachim Pastor & Signum join forces on a gorgeous melodic release titled, “Something You Need” that is available to stream/download now via Armada Music.

Joachim Pastor & Signum – Something You Need

Opening with an uplifting melody, Something You Need” is an enchanting record that features atmospheric soundscapes and alluring vocals courtesy of Signum.  With hair-raising feel-good vibes, the track infuses progressive grooves with trance-like textures making it a chilled-back sonic offering this summer.  

When I heard Signum’s track for the first time, I knew I wanted to do something with that voice. I kept the original energy and vibe but tried to add more drama, more defined feelings. The lead that comes in the second break is the symbol of this emotional renaissance of the vocal.”

Joachim Pastor

French DJ/producer Joachim Pastor has been making a name for himself since signing with Armada Music.  His sound is inspired by the works of Daft Punk, Sonata Arctica, and Jean-Michel Jarre, with a melodious brand of electronica not easily found in dance music today.  With an intention to make listeners feel, his music is an expression of emotion with a danceable twist, endorsed by hundreds of thousands of fans on Spotify alone.  He can be sound performing at world-renowned events including Dour, Tomorrowland, Paleo, Olympia, Solidays, DGTL, Pleinvrees, and more