Famed electronic music acts Steve Aoki & Yves V team up on a stellar rework of Avril Lavigne’s classic pop-punk hit “Complicated” featuring Ryan Caraveo available to stream/download now via Dim Mak.

Steve Aoki & Yves V – Complicated ft. Ryan Caraveo

Transforming the original into an astounding electronic-pop soundscape, Steve Aoki & Yves V revive “Complicated” with a fresh modernized dance music twist. Featuring the striking vocal talent of alt-hip hop artist Ryan Caraveo, the artist spins the track’s lyrics toward self-criticism, taking on a more introspective approach.  Showcasing the original’s earworm hook to make it easy to sing along to, the track embeds a futuristic sound with a soothing vibe perfect for the summer season.

Directed by John Frost, “Complicated” comes paired with an official music video that gazes into the dreams of the track’s artists Steve Aoki, Yves V, and Ryan Caraveo.  Aligned perfectly in sync with the track’s lyrics, the visual represents how truly “complicated” one’s mind can be.

My roots are in the punk scene, and that kind of music has always had a special place in my heart. So when Yves brought the idea to me to rework ‘Complicated’ by the ultimate pop punk queen, Avril Lavigne, I jumped on the opportunity. And the lyricism Ryan brought with his new verses only expands upon the truly classic hook.” 

Steve Aoki

“I was so excited to link up with Steve Aoki on this single as our first collaboration. I’m a huge fan of pop music, and Avril as an artist, so to add our electronic spin alongside one of my favourite peers onto a track as classic as ‘Complicated,’ and bring it to audiences in 2021, felt amazing. I hope the fans enjoy it just as much as we did creating our production!”

Yves V

Man, working with Steve Aoki is really a full-circle moment for me. Back in 2013, I was just a kid at one of his shows – fast forward many years to a completely different life, and all the sudden we’re working together and covering one of the biggest songs ever from the queen herself Avril Lavigne and it’s pretty surreal to be honest. I’ve always loved and been influenced by electronic music and cannot wait to hear this at the festival with the homies.

Ryan Caraveo

“Complicated” is the latest collaboration between Steve Aoki & Yves V since the former mixed “A Lover And A Memory” off of Aoki’s Neon Future III LP.