Electronic dance music artist Demien Sixx unleashes a hard-hitting five-track EP titled, “The Eyes Of Tomorrow” which is available to stream now via Demsix Records

Bodaciously bold, “The Eyes Of Tomorrow” is an eclectic five-track EP that spans an array of genres from dubstep to electro-house to trap, and even deep heavy-metal influences.  The EP features a mix of brash bass, demonic vocals, and electrifying energy to surge listeners into an unworldly dimension the artist sonically crafted all his own. This EP marks his first of 2021 and follows his 2019 album, Maximum Overdrive.  

Demien Sixx is an established electronic music artist whose expansive discography spans nearly a decade.  Since his first LP, Rage in Zombieland, the artist has delivered  a slew of earth-shattering singles that include “Savage Wasteland,” “Enter Half Dead,” and fan favorites “Maximum Overdrive” and “Thawing Seas.”  The artist is known for his high-octane New York City performances at Trexx Nightclub and Amazura. With a flair for spectacular showmanship, the artist’s live performances always come complete with stunning visual displays that amplify his tracks’ magnitude. For additional information about Demien Sixx, please visit his official website.

Demien Sixx – The Eyes Of Tomorrow

  1. Universe
  2. Stellar addiction
  3. Astral vampire
  4. Devastation
  5. Astral vampire – Zardonic Remix