Lauded dance music act Boys Noize reveals two contrasting singles “Ride Or Die” & “IU” available to stream/download via Boysnoize Records.

Boys Noize & Kelsey Lu – Ride Or Die feat. Chilly Gonzales

Showcasing Boys Noize genre-defying sound, “Ride Or Die” is a melancholy, guitar-laden release featuring the provocative vocal talent of Kelsey Lu. Dropping a surprising kick, the indie-influenced track picks up the pace and drives its momentum toward hope and optimism for the future. 

Directed and animated by Art Camp, Danae Gosset & Danica Tan, the video is based on 4,000 pages of hand-drawn art to accompany Boys Noize and Kelsey Lu’s first musical collaboration featuring Chilly Gonzales.  This announcement follows the artist’s reveal of his first-ever audio-visual NFT drop for the single which was available via Nifty Gateway this week.  Fans can stream/download “Ride Or Die” here.

One day, Gonzo sent me a recording of him playing a particular kind of harpsichord called a spinet, and I immediately had the idea of bringing a big musical contrast to the spinet’s delicate notes. The first layers I added was a really dark percussive tribal sound with heavy 909 drums on top. This combination of the classical and the “hi-tec” made me think of Kelsey Lu, who I had seen live shredding on a cello she patched through crazy guitar pedals. Besides loving her music, the experimental approach to sound that we shared convinced me we had to meet. When we finally got together the studio was filled with rare, special energy, and the first music I played for Kelsey was my rework of Chilly’s spinet. We started on it right away, recording Kelsey’s vocals through my modular system, bending her voice in wild ways, bringing it in close and then far away again, keeping in mind a vision of contrasts combined into something greater than the sum of their parts. Amazingly, everything we recorded in that magic session ended up in the final version of “RIDE OR DIE.”  And like joining contrasting sounds to make something totally new, certain collaborations can bring inspiration beyond what anyone expected. These moments are my absolute favorite moments when doing anything creative, but especially in music.”

Boys Noize, Alex Ridha

“I loved making this song with Alex so much because there was just freedom of exploration. It came about so organically. When Alex first played me this track at its early stages I was immediately sucked into the textures that Chilly had added. I found a comfortable meeting ground within the merging of acoustically produced textures and electronic ones. I’m a very visual person when it comes to songwriting, and nature is always a part of that visualization. There was a momentum of tension, and I wanted to soar through that. The desert kept reappearing. Its heat, its vast expanse of space, and its dangers. Sort of like a fleeting romance. It could go so many ways, often disastrous, but whichever way it goes, trust in yourself and the many sides we hold because, in the end, you are a powerful bitch. Be your RIDE OR DIE.“

Kelsey Lu

Boys Noize – IU (feat. Corbin)

The next latest offering “IU” sees Boys Noize team-up with dark RnB innovator Corbin on an aggressive, techno-release fueled by propulsive energy.  Featuring a haunting vocal loop atop its beat, the track showcases Boys Noize’s trademark infectious sound, which is available to stream/download here.

For additional information on Boys Noize, please visit his official website.