Award-winning dance music artist Fred again… releases a stellar dance track, “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)” featuring The Blessed Madonna which is available to stream/download via Atlantic Records.

Fred again.. – Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)

Kicking off with the voice of dance music icon Marea Stamper aka The Blessed Madonna, “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing” is a nostalgic house cut that is an ode to the things we take for granted in life. With the concept of the track written amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the release evokes an optimistic message to take life one day at a time.

“Marea and I met in Palestine around 5 years ago now. I call her my rave shaman. I think she’s that for a lot of other people too, to be honest! Her ability to tell stories and share things has always been a particularly beautiful part of her beautiful mind, so I guess it makes sense that I ended up making a song out of sampling one of our conversations! She’s a real hug of a human.”

Fred again..

“Right from the second I met Fred there was a real closeness, and even though I didn’t know him at all, I always felt like, ‘this is gonna be a person in my life.’ On this particular night in lockdown, Fred asked how I was feeling and I just talked to him like I normally would. Somehow he digs in all my babble and makes it into something beautiful and personal. Fred is a singular artist. He had such a tender way of looking at sound. You can’t fake it. You gotta have real heart. No one has a heart like that.”

Marea Stamper AKA The Blessed Madonna

Co-produced by Boston Bun, “Marea (We Lost Dancing)” is the latest in a series of Actual Life releases from Fred again.. which also includes the tracks, “Julia (Deep Diving)”, “Jessie (I Miss You)” and “Kyle (I Found You).”  All tracks encompass a signature sound that sees the artist build tracks around vocals uncovered from the unlikeliest of sources.  This ranges from obscure YouTube clips to personal FaceTime conversations, random Instagram accounts, and iPhone video footage of half-remembered nights out.