Maya Jane Cole announced the release of two new tracks under her Nocturnal Sunshine alias,  “Watchem Go” and  “Bandit” ft. CHA$EY JON£S which is available via the deluxe version of her album, Full Circle here.

Maya Jane Coles – Nocturnal Sunshine – Watchem Go

Featuring “Watchem Go” and “Bandit ft. CHA$EY JON£S,” Full Circle Deluxe will also feature two Nocturnal Sunshine B-Sides “Heroes” and “Radiate.” Capturing Maya Jane Cole’s seamless ability to navigate through a range of tempos and moods, the two tracks are unified by the unmistakable Nocturnal Sunshine sonic sensibility. Previously released Nocturnal Sunshine singles “U&ME” and “Foundation” are also featured on the deluxe album alongside tracks “Tied Up” and “To The Ground.”

Offering another enticing glimpse into the artist’s distinct and skillful creative vision, “Watchem Go” features a mesmerizing garage tone that pulses to a climactic point of no return.  The track crosses the boundaries of the typical house genre by defying the typical four-on-the-floor rhythm. 

The depth of Cole’s trademark production is featured on the new cut, “Bandit” which offers characteristically similar outcomes as “Dash” and “F*ck Fame” alongside vocalist CHA$EY JON£S.

Full Circle was a follow-up to her award-winning 2015 eponymous debut LP as Nocturnal Sunshine and is widely acclaimed as a true representation of her musical identity. Representing Cole’s first love of hip-hop, the album teased with the hit single “Pull Up” Feat. Gangsta Boo & Young M.A. Encapsulating Maya Jane Coles’, bold production ability and range, the track uncovered new depths of artistry in both hip-hop and trap-inspired genres.

British-Japanese Producer/DJ Maya Jane Coles has grown a reputation for her uncompromising studio credentials alongside her uniquely focused approach.  She transcends genres by featuring tracks with hints of techno, house, hip-hop, dubstep, folk, and pop and developed a massive international following in the process.  The artist has worked alongside Tricky, Nadine Shah, Kim Ann Foxman, and Miss Kittin and provided remixes for music’s most revered acts including  Bonobo, Bookashade, Tiga, and Dua Lipa to name a few.