ItaloBrothers announce the release of a brand-new single, “Stay” which is currently available to stream/download via Virgin Records Germany/Universal Music.

ItaloBrothers – Stay

“Stay,” is a high-energy single with emotive melodies, touching lyrics, and an infectious instrumental that is expertly crafted for the dancefloor.  Opening intensely, the track lures listeners in with enchanting vocals from frontman Mathias Metten. The high-energy falls into a driving bassline that maintains the energy throughout the duration of the track. ItaloBrothers’ “Stay” merges the track’s resounding vocals with a diverse melody that is created to be played at festival stages, on the radio, or on a nearby dancefloor.

Featuring all of the signature elements that the ItaloBrothers are known for, “Stay” follows the release of a stunning collaboration with Kiesza titled “Let Go.” Closing out the year at an all-time high, the ItaloBrothers have a growing global fanbase, a remarkable discography, and a future that is brighter than ever.

.Christian Müller, Zacharias Adrian, and singer Mathias Metten make up the electronic music group ItaloBrothers.  Inspired by Italo House, their unique style incorporates catchy lyrics and heavy basslines coupled with driving, rhythms. Their pivotal breakthrough track, “Stamp on the Ground” immediately rose the charts in Norway, Denmark, and Germany.  Further, the music video garnered an impressive 100 million streams-to-date, making it one of the most successful German YouTube videos of all time.  The track further went onto being platinum-certified in several countries with over 150 million combined streams across all platforms.