Electronic audio-visual duo DROELOE announce the release of an anthology album, A Matter Of Perspective, which is currently available on bitbird to stream or purchase on vinyl.

A Matter Of Perspective is DROELOE’s most comprehensive and refined work to date.  Featuring three of the duo’s previously released EPs, the album also features seven new tracks that fuse elements of pop, dubstep, hip-hop, classical, and electronica.   

A project that has been five years in the making, the album blends somber lyrics over a colorful musical palette that accentuates the voices of their vocal collaborators.  From the starting track “Panorama” to the last note of the closing release, “Treasure Map,” the album is a succinct work of art. 

“This album is about our personal experiences and our different and shifting perceptions of life. All the work on the album, musically and visually, was made in very turbulent times in our lives. We needed to grow a lot as people and broaden our horizons, in order to maintain the trajectory of the project and to stay sane in general. We’re super proud that we managed to make something that inspires ourselves in different ways and it would be incredible if that would also be the case for others. But apart from that, this release also marks the conclusion of the first “book” of the DROELOE project, onto the first chapter of the next book.”  


The duo is currently hard at work building a virtual experience that will be similar to a guided audio-visual tour, which will lead fans on a journey through their anthology.  The tour will consist of four rooms with each representing one of the previous three EPS. The last room will be a “gift shop” where fans can buy exclusive anthology merchandise and vinyl. The audio for the guided tour will be narrated by Vincent Rooijers who will discuss each of the tracks and EPs, while Hein Hamers will be creating a 360 walkthrough art gallery for each room.

Hein Hamers and Vincent Rooijers make-up the Dutch, electronic audio-visual duo DROELOE.  With Hamers providing the visuals and Rooijers providing the music production, both the music and the visuals work hand in hand to inspire each other to create one final, cohesive masterpiece.  

The anthology album serves as the final release to include DROELOE’s founding member Hein Hamers.  It was announced earlier this fall that Hamers would be leaving the group to pursue other interests while Rooijers takes over the entire project on his own.  For additional information on DROELOE, please visit their official website.