The Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) began the process of setting professional standards within the electronic music industry by presenting a new Code of Conduct (CoC) to help prevent sexual harassment and gender identity discrimination.

This Code of Conduct will begin the process of setting professional standards within electronic music for its members and the wider industry to adopt.  The code enforces the electronic music industry and AFEM Member companies to create an environment where sexual harassment and gender identity discrimination is not tolerated through awareness, education, increased respect, protection, and prevention.

A 2019 survey by InChorus & SheSaid.So shined a light on the bias, harassment, and microaggressions within the music industry and found that 7​5% of all microaggressions logged related to gender, 8​ % referred to age, 8% referred to ethnicity, and 6% referred to sexuality.

The code asks that members act responsibly when harassment or discrimination is observed by intervening, to stop such conduct whenever possible, support those who speak up, and report the situation to proper authorities within their organizations and local authorities: “STOP. SUPPORT. REPORT.”

The code was launched with support from AFEM membership of over 220 companies including SheSaid.So and ADE quoting their endorsement, and media partners Mixmag, DJ Mag, RA, Beatportal, Attack Magazine.

“​We want to bring about an electronic music culture where everyone involved feels safe, respected and free from sexual harassment and risk of assault, to ensure safe environments for fans and professionals and to advocate for a culture of support for victims of harassment and assault to ensure they are encouraged to come forward and feel they will be supported when they do​.”

Greg Marshall, General Manager of the Association For Electronic Music 

“​The CoC developed by AFEM is absolutely necessary. Our hope is that this document will dissipate any uncertainties in regard to the type of behavior that should be encouraged or, conversely, penalized. For women and other gender minorities, these lines are clearly distinct, although we understand the nuanced scenarios in which they take place and the necessary education required to reinforce them. I welcome the CoC as a firm guideline that formalizes the do’s and don’ts of gender-based interaction in the electronic music workplace – whether that’s online, in the office, the studio, or on the dancefloor.”

Andreea Magdalina, Founder of SheSaid.So

Over the course of the past year, there were numerous profile cases of sexual harassment and assault being reported in the media, with some accusations involving the late DJ Erick Morillo.  The launch of the MeToo #ForTheMusic campaign clearly points to the need for education and action in this area.

“​ForTheMusic campaign and the MeToo Movement within electronic dance music 10000% back the Code of Conduct, as a global industry we have to be self-regulatory and this is a giant step to implement and tackle the abhorrent amount of sexual harassment that happens in our workplaces and dance floors. The Stop Support Report goal of the code is a great and simple way to do this, so many times we see harassment go unreported in fear of retribution or the fact that the powers that be will choose to not believe the accusations, ultimately protecting the perpetrator until they end up assaulting more and more people. This way we can choose to support the victims first, flipping the switch on such discrimination.”

Rebekah, DJ Artist, and creator of #ForTheMusic anti-sexual harassment campaign

“​Amsterdam Dance Event is happy to provide our platform again for the AFEM Code of Conduct Against Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination, which should contribute to the positive pulse in our industry in regards to equality. We are still not there yet, as the research shows, but together we can change the music industry for the better.”

Karsten ter Hoeven, Head of Conference ADE

To read or download the complete Code of Conduct, please AFEM’s official website at the following link.