Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano announces the release of a brand-new EP titled “Mad World,” which is currently available now on all streaming platforms via Drumcode here.

The three-track EP opens up with “Mad World” in a dramatic style with its murmuring bass while presenting masterfully layered industrial hits and driving rides to depict its narrative.  The track was crafted between two studios during a pre-COVID-19 era and is fueled by the visual of bustling bodies and the organized chaos.

The second track, “System Alert” was inspired by climate change and Mother Nature’s response to human transgression.  Focusing on man’s commercial interests and its cataclysmic effects on the earth, the track opens with an amalgamation of futuristic tones to reference their sonic analogy.

The EP’s third track, “Headquarter” is another evocative addition to this conceptual montage of productions. Backed by a distorted vocal sample, the opening phrase flaunts a cinematic charm often lacking in techno.

Luigi Madonna is an Italian DJ and producer who has proven to be a key contributor to the evolution of techno across his career that spans 20 years.  The artist has an expansive catalog of music that includes five full EPs, split records and remixes for Drumcode in addition to countless releases on other recording labels including Second State and REDIMENSION.  For additional information on Luigi Madonna, please follow him on all social media platforms or follow him on Soundcloud.