Insomniac Events and Pasquale Rotella announced on social media that the brand would be celebrating EDC’s 25-year anniversary with a special celebration in Europe next year, 2021.  Fans can check out the teaser video here.

EDC Europe 2021 – 25-year celebration

This will mark EDC’s return to overseas since it last appeared in the UK in 2016. EDC UK occurred for four years before its 2017 installment was forced to cancel since it did not meet the expectations of Rotella.

This news comes slightly after the brand announced that EDC Mexico would be pushed to a later date in 2021.  This adds to the promoter’s long list of events canceled without a confirmed date for next year.

Insomniac does not inform the exact location of EDC Europe 2021; however, they did note it would be in a “very special location” on a beach and will be in the summer.  Further details are said to be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Despite the concerns of COVID-19, fans can sign-up at the following link to receive updates on the festival’s news and announcements.

Insomniac Events is one of the most recognized brands in Electronic Dance music.  Founded in 1993 by Pasquale Rotella, the brand is responsible for some of the most recognized festivals in the United States including Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas.  EDC has become so recognized that it has expanded internationally and is expected to host 2021 events in Europe and in Mexico.