Multi-platinum producer R3HAB teams up with Sigala and JP Cooper on a new heartfelt release titled, “Runaway” which is available to stream/download now via CYB3RPVNK.

R3HAB, Sigala & JP Cooper – Runaway

Boasting soulful lyrics courtesy of vocalist JP Cooper, “Runaway” is a shimmering dance-pop single with guitar-laden melodies and tender emotive elements. Showcasing the dynamic production ability of R3HAB and Sigala, the track combines warm, upbeat radio-friendly sounds with the jubilant flavor of a summer festival.

Sigala and JP are pioneers in the UK’s dance-pop scene, and I’ve been following their work for years. Being able to create a song together that reflects each of our signature sounds makes me extremely proud. We were in the same headspace when working on this song. There’s always something in your life that requires boldness to unlock its full potential. ‘Runaway’ is about daring to try; I hope our fans are inspired to find that boldness within themselves.”


I am so happy we are releasing ‘Runaway’ for the world to hear. One of my favorite parts of what I do is collaborating with other writers and producers – and I was blown away by the talents of both R3HAB and JP Cooper. We had so much fun making the record, and I hope everyone enjoys it!


‘Runaway’ has been in the making for a good couple of years now, and I’m so happy it’s finally off the hard drive and into the world. It’s been amazing watching R3HAB and Sigala develop the track to where it’s at now. ‘Runaway’ is a youthful, wide-eyed, coming-of-age story… it definitely brought back a few memories. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.”

JP Cooper

“Runaway” marks the first track confirmed for R3HAB’S forthcoming studio album, which is due to be released this fall and provides a hint of what’s to come with the highly-anticipated body of work.